School Calendar

Eaton's Academic Year Calendar

At Eaton we follow the academic year of schools in the UK. We begin the academic year on the first Monday of September and end in late July.

The academic year is split across 3 terms :

Term 1 : September to December

Term 2 : January to April

Term 3 : May to July

There are planned regular meetings with parents and teachers and these occur on the first Thursday and last Friday of each term. At these meetings curriculum and students progress are discussed. Coffee mornings and after school parent information meetings are held regularly throughout each term to ensure parents are well informed. There is one major sport event organized each term and one stage performance, ensuring that all aspects of the children’s education are met.

Our Monthly Calendar

Monthly detailed calendars are produced for Early Years, primary and secondary school. These calendars are shared electronically with parents, posted on the electronic noticeboard and physical copies are posted on the school notice boards.