Year 10 students participate in the highly esteemed Duke Of Edinburgh’s International Award, which supports young people as they embark on a journey of independence, leadership and public service.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award, bringing together practical experiences and skills to equip young people for life. Since it was founded in 1956, over eight million young people have participated in the Award in over 140 countries and territories. Eaton International School is proud to offer the Award to young people aged 14 and over.

What is Involved?

The Award is voluntary, non-competitive, enjoyable and balanced, and requires effort over time. There are three levels to the Award: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Young people design their own Award programme, set their own goals and record their own progress. They choose a Service, Physical Recreation and a Skills activity, go on an Adventurous Journey and, to achieve a Gold Award, take part in a residential project. The only person they compete against is themselves, by challenging their own beliefs about what they can achieve. At present Eaton is only offering the Bronze level award, but plans to add Silver next year. More information on The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award can be found at

Community Service

The Eaton educational philosophy is premised on the belief that students should be actively involved in and concerned with, life in the school itself and in the community in general.

It is our belief that the service experience exposes the student to different perspectives in life and that it can be very satisfying to help others who are less fortunate. It also affords them the opportunity to be linked in camaraderie based on shared responsibilities with their schoolmates and friends when they are involved in community service.

Eatonians will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of community service projects, providing assistance to individuals, to the school community and to national and global organisations. Eaton has been built close ties with many organisations including:

  • HUKM children’s charity by regularly visiting and bringing activities for terminally ill children
  • Toy drive, Christmas party and donation collecting benefiting HUKM children
  • Shoebox of Kindness project in Nepal
  • Bi-annual charity bazaar that supports a variety of local charities
  • Students attend PKIK to assist and education people with learning disabilities
  • Volunteering projects in rural Cambodia
  • Students work with neglected and abandoned animals through their works with SPCA