19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

About Our Schools

Eaton International Schools are a group of K1 – 11 private international schools founded in 2013.

Led by the Founders with over two decades of educational experience and track record in establishing and managing private and international schools, Eaton offers an international British education which focuses on creative and personalised learning, solid academic rigour and an inspiring and enjoyable learning experience.

Adopting the English National Curriculum with an awareness of the international and local contexts, the core curriculum is delivered by certified and experienced expat and local teachers within a school environment which subscribes to a vibrant international school ethos. The intuitively designed school campus consists of formal and informal learning spaces as well as social interaction spaces catering to the interests and needs of the students.

Eaton aims to create a new generation of young individuals who will be forward thinkers, innovators, leaders in their chosen fields, compassionate and caring individuals who will define and shape positive futures for themselves and others in the global community.

Our Vision

To develop intellectual curiousity, ignite creativity, instill a love of learning and inspire our students to become global leaders who will shape positive futures for themselves and others.

Our Mission

To provide inspiring learning experiences that guide our students to achieve their potential through knowledge, discovery and social responsibility and become leaders of character and valued members of the community.

Our Values


Doing the right thing at all times


Being true to oneself and to others


Identifying with others and moving beyond ourselves


Ensuring accountability and promising to keep our word


Being humble and recognising that we still have a lot to learn


Overcoming setbacks and recovering quickly


Being thoughtful and considerate of others